The Right Leather Chaps Do Make A Difference

The Right Leather Chaps Do Make A DifferenceThe RightLeather Chaps Do Make A DifferenceGetting up early for a long motorcycle ride is awonderful thing, unless it is October 31 in New England. Theearly morning hours in Maine can be down right chilly. A personhas to be half crazy to drag them selves out of bed, gulp down aquick cup of coffee and head out on their motorcycle. Brrrrrrrr!It sounds worse then it really is. You will find you can besufficiently comfortable if you have the correct riding gear.The right gear for me consists of a Classic Leather motorcyclejacket, a braided buffalo leather vest worn over the jacket, anda set of genuine leather chaps, all from Fox Creek Leather.I used to think that riding gear was riding gear. It didn’tmatter much to me what the brand name was or what kind ofmaterial they used to make it, as long as it claimed to beleather that was good enough for me. Then one autumn day, whileI was riding with a friend, it started to get later in theafternoon and the temperature had dropped to around 40 degrees.Now 40 degrees may not sound all that cold to some but when youadd wind chill factor into it can get down right cold.I wasn’t sweating it, pardon the pun.I had my warm riding gear, or so I thought. I had a sweat shirt,a leather jacket, a pair of diamond plate chaps, leather glovesand a helmet. Good to go you might think. Well it wasn’t.See on the way to our destination we had ridden strictly on theback roads atan average speed of 50 to 55 miles perhour.However, because it was getting late and cold we decided to takethe highway, the quickest route home. As our speed reachedaround 70 miles per hour, at 40 degrees, with the wind chill,the temperature dropped to right around 10 degrees ferinheight.Your damn straight skippy, that’s cold.I don’t know if it was a good idea or not to take the highwaybut there I was. My head was fine because I had on a helmet andvisor. My hands were fine as well, leather gloves. Even my upperbody wasn’t all that bad thanks to the double layer ofsweatshirt, leather jacket and my vest.My legs though, they were freezing. Even though I had “chapsâ€they were just about useless. The chaps I had were an off brandname pair of diamond plate leather chaps that I bought for realcheap. It didn’t matter if they were lined of not, those chapswere so flimsy and the cold air seeped straight through thestitching of the plates.I made a decision that evening; as soon as I gothome and thawed out; I was going to find myself a good, no greatpair of leather chaps.Shivering and shaking as I headed for home, I was a littleuneasy because I was shivering so hard it made it difficult toride my motorcycle. But, by the Grace of God, I managed to makeit. I was so cold by the time I got home I had a hard timegetting off my motorcycle and going into the house. Thankgoodness for hot coffee and a hot shower.Once I drank my steaming hot coffee and took a very long hotshower the feeling came back to the lower half of my body. So Iwent on line to order a good high quality pair ofleather motorcycle chaps. I already knew where to start looking for goodquality motorcycle leather good because I already had the bestleather vest I had ever worn, and I bought that from Fox CreekLeather.I know what you are thinking. If I already had a good qualityleather vest from Fox Creek Leather, why didn’t I already havethe best quality leather chaps as well? Well it’s like this, Iam thick headed. Like a lot of other riders that I know, Ididn’t think it would matter that much. I mean chaps are chaps,right? Wrong! I had to learn the hard way. I almost froze mybutt off in the process but I did learn.I logged onto my computer and went straight away to Fox CreekLeather, clicked on the Men’s tab and selected the Motorcyclechaps link. I already had the breaded Buffalo nickel vest so Idecided to stay with the same theme and I ordered the BraidedMotorcycle Chaps.The price was reasonable, as a matter of a fact, it was lessthen I had planned to pay for a set of chaps. The shipping wasalso free and that was a bonus in my book. The ordering processwas also really quit easy. All in all it might have taken mefifteen minutes to complete the order and it wouldn’t have takenthat long but I had to refill my coffee cup.After I placed my order it only took a coupleof days and my Fox Creek Leather, full leather, breadedmotorcycle chaps arrived. I was surprised and delighted to seethat they had been delivered so quickly. I was so excited that Itore the box trying to open it just to see what they looked likeup close.Wow! Now this was a pair of chaps. I have to admit, even thoughI had already owned a great vest from Fox Creek Leather, Ididn’t expect the thickness and quality of my new chaps. Theywere fantastic! I just had to try them on. They fit like a gloveand looked really good on me I might add.Once I put them on, I thought to my self, there is no need towaste all the effort I had put into trying these chaps on, so Ihad to go for a bike ride to see how they felt. Really though,it was just an excuse for me to get out on my motorcycle and gofor a ride. It also gave me a chance to show off my new chaps.I am very happy with my newFox Creek Leather braided motorcycle chaps. They are made from genuine leather and the qualitycraftsmanship that has made America great. Also, I don’t have toworry about riding in the chill of autumn or winter for thatmatter.If you plan to buy chaps for the first time or upgrade from apair of not so good ones, take my advice. Get your chaps from areputable leather goods manufacture that specializes inmotorcycle leather. One that is home grown and makes theirmotorcycle leathers right here in the good old USA. There isonly one place that I know of that fits that bill.Fox Creek Leatheris the name. And tell em, papamike69 sent ya!Michael Walrath Owner: AKA: papamike69Copyright© Steel Horse MotorcycleNews.  May 15, 2012|ContactUs|Motorcycle Boots|Used Motorcycle for Sale

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