The Metric System BMS Chopper Style

The Metric System BMS Chopper StyleThe Metric System BMS Chopper StyleBy: PAPAMIKE69In the world of custom motorcycles, good old American standard has more then enough builders to keep even the most patriotic reveler riding in glory. However, there is another dog in the yard nipping at the heels of the all-American chopper; that dog is called Metric.In the late 1990’s, Sam Nehme, looking to buildcustom motorcycles in the most cost effective way possible, madea decision.  Although,at the time most of his friends thought it was a joke, Samdecided that metric was the way to build his custom bikes, so hepurchased Broward Motorsports when they were going out ofbusiness; then formed BMS Choppers as a sister company.“Why Metric and not a Harley? Everyone thought it was a waste of time, â€ recalls Sam. Holding true to his convictions, he believed that, if he started out with a Metric motorcycle, he would get a less expensive motorcycle to build, as well as a more reliable bike, so that is just what he did and it turned out he was right.BMS Choppers specializes in customizing stock metric motorcycles. Motorcycles like theYamaha V-Star, the RoadStar,theWarrior and theHonda VTX 1300can all be seen in all their custom glory at BMS Choppers showroom, located at 4101 Davie Road EXT. Davie, Florida.Adding to the great line of custom metric choppers, Sam has jumped the next hurdle by making available all the parts and accessories necessary to bring any stock metric motorcycles to life.As proof that a metric chopper can stand toe to toe with any American standard custom bike, BMS Choppers and Sam Nehme have won several prestigious awards, such as First Place – 2006,Las Vegas-Peoples Choice Award; First Place-2006, Board Walk-Best of Show and First Place-2007, Daytona Bike Week-Best in Show, just to name a few. Sam also won First Place in the Metric Revolution TV series – Build off.The most impressive; however, was in 2006 when BMS Choppers made history at Biketoberfest, Daytona Beach Fla.It was the first time in 38 years, they ever allowed a metric motorcycle to enter and compete in the competition, and it won! Sam Nehme, the owner of BMS Choppers, was the first and only man ever to enter a metric cruiser to compete againstAmerican machines in Rats Hole’sprestigious over 1000cc SuperRadical category and win.Because the requirement for the Metric Revolution Biker Build-off deadline, with the help of Ron Tilson, Sam’s head machinist, and a fabricator “Jonesy,â€ the bike Nehme-sis, which should have taken a year, took only six-months to build.“The inspiration for the project came to me because we were wanting to win the competition against 10 other well known buildersâ€, Sam told me. “We had to go extremely sick to beat everyone else!â€I am sure we haven’t seen the last of Sam’s, BMS Choppers, or custom metrics, taking the lime light right out from under the good old American standards.The next time you’re at a stop light and you hear the rumble of a sweet custom coming up behind you, watch out it just might be a BMSChopper custom metric coming to take a bite out of you.Find Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda & Kawasaki atBroward MotorsportsFor more information on where to get your  metriccustom, get it at, BMSChoppersIf you liked what Steel Horse News has to say pass it on Clickhere to email this to a WidgetsCopyright© Steel Horse MotorcycleNews.  May 15, 2012.

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