Suzuki Motorcycles – From Fine Loom Manufacturers to Major Motorcycle Company

Suzuki Motorcycles – From Fine Loom Manufacturers to Major Motorcycle CompanyA.classname:link {color: #FFFFFF; text-decoration: none;}A.classname:visited {color: #FFFFFF; text-decoration: none;}A.classname:hover {color: #FF0000; text-decoration: none;}Suzuki Motorcycles -From Fine Loom Manufacturersto Major Motorcycle CompanyBy Daniel LevyStarted in a small warehouse by Michio Suzuki back in1909,Suzuki aimed at making better looms for the Japanese silkindustry. It was only thirty years after its existence that thecompany started thinking of diversifying into cars, motorcyclesand related machinery. In fact, it was only after the collapse ofthe cotton market in 1951, that Suzuki seriously got into themotorcycle and car industry.One of the first two-wheeled innovations by Suzuki was amotorized bicycle called the “Power Free”. This bicycle was soingeniously designed that the government of Japan gave Suzuki asubsidy in order to continue their research in motorcycle and carinnovation. As time progressed, the company started to buildbetter and better motorcycles. And by 1962, Suzuki Motorcycleshad won their first 50cc Grand Prix World Championship.By the late 60s, the company had become known and respected inthe American and European motorbike world. One of theirbest-selling machines during this time period was the Suzuki X-6Hustler, which was the fastest Japanese 250cc for that time.Suzuki Motorcycles also gained fame in the motocross world. Inthe 60s and 70s, motocross racing was largely dominated byEuropean motorcycle manufacturers. Japanese motorcycles did nothave much of a presence or respect in this arena, but during thistime, Suzuki Motorcycles won the World Championship several timesbetween 1971 and 1976 in the 500cc MX race. In addition to this,the company also won every 125cc world championship from 1975 to1984.By the late ‘80s, Suzuki had gained the respect of all within theracing community at the highest levels. One of the best SuzukiMotorcycles of this era was the GSX–R750. Its design and energywas unbeatable and, at that time, it was the lightest bike aroundin its class.The Suzuki GSX-R was without any doubt one of the most importantand influential motorcycles of the 80s. Even now, twenty yearslater, you will find the GSX–R line in Suzuki Motorcycles currentcatalog. In fact you will find it in several sizes ranging from600cc to 1000cc.Since the GSX–R750, Suzuki Motorcycles has come with many othersuccessful models and today, Suzuki is a well-known name in theMotorcycling world . The company has won over a dozen WorldChampionships along with many other races. Their long-standingemphasis on innovation as well as their meticulous care incraftsmanship has lead the company from strength to strength formore than 50 years.For all this Suzuki is now one of the four big names in theJapanese motorcycles industry. If you are planning in buying onchanging your ride, their models must be included in your list ofpossibilities.Enjoy the Ride!Daniel LevyDaniel Levy is the owner and contributing writer of He loves motorcyclesand Web development. For more great info visit his site (listedabove) or his blog at: lots of information about dirt biking.If you liked what Steel Horse News has to say pass it on Clickhere to email this to a WidgetsCopyright© Steel Horse MotorcycleNews.  May 15, 2012.

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