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Lace Wheels – Motorcycles And WomenBY:PAPAMIKE69LACE WHEELS – MOTORCYCLES AND WOMENThrough out the history of the motorcycle therehave been but a few women that dared to straddle the haunches ofthere own steel horse, until now.Every year, more and more women are coming to therealization that they can get off of the back and get their ownride. Feeling more empowered today then ever before, women areexchanging the back seat of their old man’s custom hog for asweet bike of their own. These women aren’t the butch haired,tattooed,masculine stereo types of old. They are doctors,lawyers, homemakers, and teachers. They’re the girl next dooror somebody’s mom. They are women just like you. Women thathave come to the realization that they can learn to ride amotorcycle.Women account for at least 12 percent of all of themotorcycle riders in the U.S., with over 75,000 women enrollingin rider training courses last year. Some say that one out ofevery 10 motorcyclist on the road today is a women.Another trend sweeping the country today is motorcycle groupsand clubs that cater to women that ride motorcycles. On Googlealone, there are 241,000 women related motorcycle club websites,and another 221,000 women related motorcycle blogs.One such blog is“Lace Wheels – Motorcycles and Womenâ€,the newest up and coming web presence on the Internet today,designed for women that ride motorcycles.Sherry Walrath the owner of“Lace Wheels – Motorcycles and Women,â€ with thehelp of her husband, found the strength and courage torealize one of her greatest fantasies. She got off theback; got her first Harley Davidson motorcycle, and shelearned to ride it.Although, Sherry has only been riding herHarley Davidson 883 Sportster Low, for a short time, sheis a pro.  Sheloves riding so much that she wants to share her feelingof accomplishment and passion for riding, with everywoman she meets.Like a lot of women, Sherry harbored a deep longingto learn to ride a motorcycle. She tried to ride herbrother’s mini-bike when she was a girl, but had avery bad experience. She crashed the mini-bike.Therefore, along with her longing to learn to ride, sheharbored a deep seeded fear that she could never learn.Sherry would ride on the back of her husband’smotorcycle when they went out on rides with their friend;although, all of her female friends rode their ownmotorcycles and would try to coax her to learn to ride andget her own motorcycle. Sherry would always reply that shewas content, and that she loved riding with herarms rapped tightly aroundher husband’s waist. This was partiallytrue. Sherry did love to ride with her arms around herhusband, but deep inside, she wanted to learn to ride.Fortunately, Sherry had a husband that had the samepassion for motorcycling as she did. Seeing through herdenial, he knew she really wanted to learn to ride amotorcycle, but lacked the confidence to give it a try onher own.One day, while on a short ride around the neighborhood,Sherry’s husband turned on to a back road that wentaround the middle school in their town, and pulled over.Hopping off, he told her to get in the saddle.Hesitantly, but after a bit of coaxing, she moved up tothe driver seat. Her husband got on the back. Aftergoing over the clutch, brake, throttle and gears withher, he said ok let’s go. Knowing she was in goodhands, Sherry slowly pulled away from the curb. For thefirst time she was riding a motorcycle.“She was a natural,â€ her husband told me. Shenever stalled or jerked the throttle, once. It was agood thing he was there because when she came to a stop,he asked, “Aren’t you forgetting something?â€ Shehad forgotten to put her feet down. All in all, for afirst time, it was a perfect ride,A few days after that first ride, Sherry and her husbandwent to their local Harley Davidson dealer and boughther the motorcycle of her dreams.With the help of a few friends and a patient,loving husband, Sherry overcame her fears, fulfilling alifelong dream. She knows how lucky she is tohave the support and encouragement of friends and lovedones to help guide her.This is why she has started “LaceWheels – Motorcycles and Women.â€ Sherry’s goalis to help encourage as many women as she can, to step-upand get the courage to learn to ride.Sherry would like your help in making “LaceWheels – Motorcycles and Women,â€ the first placewomen, from all walks of life, come to when looking forthe best informative, interesting information and articleson the Internet. Please help us and help your sisters thatride, or would like to learn to ride, by sharing yourexperiences.If you area woman who rides a motorcycle, please share your story.Please tell us how you overcame your fears, got offthe back and got your own ride. Share stories about theopen road, day trips, runs or rallies.Share photos of friends that ride with you. Tell uswhat type of motorcycle you ride, or what your favoritebike is, and why. If you belong to a motorcycle group orclub, you can share information about your group or club.Please send us information in the form of an article,along with your contact information. We will review it,and where appropriate we will publish. If you have anyinformation that you can share, which might possibly helpother women gain the self-confidence and overcome theirfear of learning to ride a motorcycle, we would especiallywelcome it.Please E-mail all articles, group information andstories to get-off-the-back@motorcyclesandwomen.comPlease no political, racial, illegal, hatred or adultcontent will be considered or posted.If you liked what Steel Horse News has to say pass it on Clickhere to email this to a WidgetsCopyright© Steel Horse MotorcycleNews.  May 15, 2012.

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