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Kawasaki MotorcycleKawasaki Motorcycles- Independent in Thoughts and ActionsBy Daniel LevyThe story of Kawasaki Company goes back to 1924, atthat timeinvolved into metallurgy and the aircraft industry.In 1949, they decided to enter the motorcycle industry producingengines that could be adapted to motorcycles.FIRST KAWASAKI MOTORCYCLES PRODUCTS ?Motorcycle EnginesIn their line you could find a 60 cc two-stroke, as well as a150cc and a 250cc four-stroke engines developed with technologyfrom BMW; company whom with they had had relationships sincetheir beginnings in the aeronautical industry.It wasn’t until 1954 that Kawasaki Motorcycles produced theirfirst complete motorcycle under the name of Meihatsu (asubsidiary of Kawasaki Aircraft Co.).Almost at the same time, they also tried to introduce their ownline of scooters to the market, but they soon realized theycouldn’t compete against the two giants of the scooters industry for those days: the Fuji Rabbit and the Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon.And now before continuing with Kawasaki Motorcycles history, Ihave to open a big parenthesis…IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE HISTORY OF KAWASAKI MOTORCYCLESWe cannot talk about Kawasaki without mentioning another makethat will definitely help Kawasaki become as well as Honda,Suzuki, and Yamaha one of the big players in the JapaneseMotorcycles scene:Meguro Motorcycles: better know in that time as the “seniormake and the king of four strokes”.Meguro entered the motorcycle industry in 1937. Having a goodrelationship with the government, the people at Meguro tookadvantage of the army orders.Their first motorcycle was the Z97: a 500cc rocker-valvemotorcycle influenced by the Swiss Motosacoche. It’s worthmentioning this model was a success for the factory and the Z97was in production till the fifties.Along the years, Meguro produced some very nice 250cc and 350ccrocker-valve, single cylinder models as well as high performancetwins. All of them with a very strong British influence. Then andthanks to the commercial success they were living, they alsolaunched a rocker-valve 125 cc for their low end range and a twincylinder 650cc to accompany the already existing 500cc.But it was in 1958, when Meguro tried to get rid of their Britishinfluence, when things started to go wrong…Based on a winning prototype of Mount Asama (one of the biggestraces that time), Meguro Motorcycles produced three nice andelegant machines with overhead camshaft: the 125cc E3, the 250ccF and the 350cc Y A. Unfortunately these bikes turned out to betoo heavy and didn’t get the buyers’ attention. Meguro will soonreturn to rocker valve models.Meguro Motorcycles remained as one of the top 10 manufacturerstill 1960, but due to some bad decisions, as the ones mentionedabove, the company started to decline and was soon bought byKawasaki.In 1960 Meguro signed an initial agreement with KawasakiMotorcycles, and in 1962 they had completely disappeared.….And this brings us back to Kawasaki Motorcycles…In 1960, the company decides to give a serious push to themotorcycle division of Kawasaki Aircrafts:They take out of the market the Meihatsu brand, they build theirown plant of low end and low powered machines and buy Meguro.These brilliant moves and decisions made Kawasaki Motorcycleshave one of the widest range of models in the market. KawasakiMotorcycles could offer at that time (1960’s) from a 50ccmoped-scooter to a powerful, high end and beautiful 650 cc twincylinder motorcycle.Its also important to mention that due to their very own nature,Kawasaki Motorcycles has always played the role of Maverick inthe industry and that a feeling of independence from their maincompetitors has always been present.Since then, many stories have been written, many models have beenproduced and many races have been won on Kawasaki Motorcycles,the truth is…Nowadays Kawasaki Motorcycles is one of the major players in theindustry and following their tradition, they nowadays offer awide range of products for all kind needs and likes.You can also take a look at Kawasaki 2007 line-up . Check thispage: http://www.kawasaki.com/motorcycles/Enjoy the ride!Daniel Levy is the owner and contributing writer ofhttp://www.Japanese-Motorcycles-Only.com. He loves motorcyclesand Web development. For more great info visit  http://www.japanese-motorcycles-only.com/If you liked what Steel Horse News has to say pass it on Clickhere to email this to a friend.Amazon.com WidgetsCopyright© Steel Horse MotorcycleNews.  May 15, 2012.

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