Fox Creek Leather Vest

Fox Creek Leather VestThe Best LeatherVest I Have Ever WornIt used to be; in the past that low cost was the biggest concern I had when I bought riding gear. However, I have become a little more conscious about looks as well as function.I can remember back in the day, I would buy any old black leather motorcycle jacket, vest or chaps. I didn’t worry about quality as much as I did price. That was a big mistake because I would always end up buying new gear every year because the cheap stuff I would buy would ware out. Not to mention the fact that the gear I used to buy was so thin. I doubt if it would have protected my skin at all if I had fallen. Fortunately for me I never found that out.I share this with you because, when I came to my senses and decided to stop wasting money on gear that was cheap not as safe as it could have been and needed to be replaced way to often, I found the perfect motorcycle gear.I mean this gear is top notch. It is made of the highest quality leather.It is designed with the highest industry standard and is sown and equipped with the best quality snaps, buttons, lasses and zippers in the industry.I am talking aboutFox CreekLeather. Sure I have to admit it may cost a little more. But, I can guarantee for the money any leather motorcycle gear you get from Fox Creek Leather will last longer, look better and be safer gear then any other leather motorcycle gear on the market.What is a better value, buying leather motorcycle gear for less money and then having to replace that gear in a year or two, or buying the best quality leather motorcycle gear at a slightly higher cost and having it last a life time?My most recent purchase from fox Creek Leather is a leather vest. I decided on the men’sBraided Buffalo NickelVest, because the braded look is what I have on my bike. It only cost me $156.00 dollars and the shipping was free.I was very surprised when it only took just a couple of day formy vest to arrive. I have to tell you though,I made a mistake in my measurements and the vestwas a size to large. I was even more suppressed when I called upFox Creek Leather to explain my size mistake. They where politeand eager to help me, they told me not to worry about it andthat they would ship me out the correct size right away and forme to just ship the larger vest back to them. In a couple ofdays I was styling in my new nice fitting vest.I wear myBraided Buffalo Nickel Vest everywhere I go now. It feels great and fits like it should. It is not to tight and I can wear it comfortably over a sweatshirt or my motorcycle jacket if it gets cold.I can honestly tell you I am sold on the quality of product and customer service of Fox Creek Leather.Michael Walrath Owner: Steel Horse News.Copyright© Steel Horse MotorcycleNews.  May 15, 2012|ContactUs|Motorcycle Boots|Used Motorcycle for Sale

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