Dirt Bike Safety

Dirt Bike SafetyDirt Bike SafetyAndrew GreenWho needs to consider dirt bike safety?Dirt bike safety is something that absolutely every rider andpossible rider must consider before getting on a bike everytime. The massive rise in popularity of dirt bikes, ATVs andmotocross bikes has meant that is now possible to do courses indirt bike safety, and if you are a new rider considering takingup the sport or you are looking into it for your children thenyou should seriously consider taking part in one of thesecourses. Dirt biking can be a very dangerous sport for theill-prepared and those who have no regard for safety. It’s notonly your own safety that you’re messing with but the safety ofeveryone else on or near you when riding.The danger associated with dirt biking is hardly surprising.Dirt bikes are powerful machines and when you consider jumpingten feet into the air, if you’re not wearing the proper helmetand your bike kicks out you have very little or no protectionfor your head.What are the important aspects of dirt bike safety?The most important thing to consider is getting the rightequipment. Only the most haphazard of tracks will let you ridewithout the proper safe equipment; this equipment consists of ahelmet to protect your head, a jersey to protect your torso,trousers for your legs and boots for your feet and ankles. Ifthese clothes don’t have the proper padding or are made oninferior quality material you are running a very high risk ofseriously injuring yourself.You must also make sure that the clothes fit properly, not onlyfor comfort but to ensure that loose clothing doesn’t flaparound and get caught in wheels, engine parts or pull at yourhandle bars. A snug fitting helmet that isn’t too tight andisn’t too loose will offer the best protection and be the mostcomfortable.What else apart from clothing?You should regularly check your bike to make sure that it’s ingood working order and that none of the parts are likely tobreak. While in some cases a broken part may lead to loss ofpower, in other much more serious cases it can lead to a lossof braking or a loss of steering and this can have dire  consequences if you’re traveling at massive speed.The obvious parts to check are the brakes, the steering and thesuspension (a ten foot drop with no suspension is going to causeyou to crumple on impact.) and many race organizers will wantyour bike thoroughly checked and even tested before you areallowed to compete.About The Author: Dirt Bikes HQ, http://www.dirtbikeshq.com/for lots of information about dirt biking.If you liked what Steel Horse News has to say pass it on Clickhere to email this to a friend.Amazon.com WidgetsCopyright© Steel Horse MotorcycleNews.  May 15, 2012.

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