Dirt Bike Jumps

Dirt Bike JumpsDirt Bike JumpsAndrew GreenIf you ever want to ride on a motocross track youare going to have to learn to beat the dirt bike jumps. At firstthey are a very daunting affair, and riding at them with any paceseems almost suicidal but to get anywhere in dirt bike racing youneed to face them and you need to beat them otherwise you won’tget anywhere and you won’t have any success. When you firststart dirt bike racing you’ll be lucky to get a couple or feetof air and stay upright when you land, but this will all changewhen you have a little experience and a little knowledge behindyou. The only real trick to being any good over dirt bike jumps isto practice and keep practicing.The best way to beat dirt bike jumps.It’s true that there are no quick fixes to beat dirt bike jumpsand the real key to success is to practice and keep practicing.However, there are some basic guidelines that will increase youchance of success and it is these guidelines you should bepracticing.Firstly, you posture should be that of a standing up position butcrouched slightly and gripping the bike with your legs; if you don’tgrip with your legs you and the bike are likely to becomeseparated and this will ensure that you can landrelatively comfortably in a sitting position. It also stops thebike from kicking out sideways if you hit a bump on the way up theramp.As you approach the ramp you should know pretty much exactly whereyou want to be on the up ramp; finding the line on the ramp andkeeping an even throttle all the way up. Again, this will meanless chance of the bike jumping if you hit a bump or a rock.If you want to land with your bike upright and you on the seat,then when you’ve got air you need to be looking where you’regoing to land and amend your bike position accordingly so if you’relanding on the flat lift your handle bars before you hit theground; this way your back wheel will make contact first andwill take most of the pressure of the landing. If, however, youare landing on the down slope then you need your bike to be at thesame angle as the slope. To alter your bike’s position, you caneither rev while in the air which will drop the rear of your bikeor you can let up on the clutch and apply the rear brakesgiving the opposite effect.The second before you land get straight onto your clutch, the revswill help your rear suspension take the blow and will give yougood acceleration on landing. One of the hardest things about dirtbike jumps is having the confidence to pull it off. If you’reconfident then you’ll stand more chance of doing everything aswell as you can so practice and practice hard; don’t get toocarried away at first though, just take it at your own pace.Dirt Bikes HQ, http://www.dirtbikeshq.com/for lots of information about dirt biking.If you liked what Steel Horse News has to say pass it on Clickhere to email this to a friend.Amazon.com WidgetsCopyright© Steel Horse MotorcycleNews.  May 15, 2012.

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