AMA seeks support for bill to end health insurance discrimination against motorcyclists

AMA seeks support for bill to end health insurance discrimination against motorcyclistsAMAseeks support for bill to end health insurance discriminationagainst motorcyclistsTheAmerican Motorcyclist Association announced today that more than100 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have co-sponsoreda bill that would end health insurance discrimination againstmotorcyclists and others who participate in legal recreationalactivities or use their motorcycles for transportation.Whilethe action is significant, there is still much work to be done,according to AMA Vice President for Government Relations EdwardMoreland.”TheAMA is calling on motorcyclists and others who face healthinsurance discrimination to urge their Representatives to supportH.R. 1076, known as the HIPAA Recreational Injury TechnicalCorrection Act,” said Moreland. “Time is short. The billhas broad bi-partisan support but we need 218 votes for passage.If we don’t act by April, we will likely miss our chance forlegislative action in 2008.”Healthinsurance discrimination can have a devastating financial effecton families and has been the focus of efforts by the AMA and othergroups for many years. Following the passage of the original HIPAAlegislation in 2001, bureaucrats at the Department of Health andHuman Services created a loophole that allowed insurance companiesto deny benefits to people who are injured while participating inlegal recreational activities, such as riding motorcycles oroff-road vehicles, horseback riding, skiing, and other activities.H.R. 1076 will close that loophole.Rep.Michael Burgess, M.D. (R-Texas) has worked diligently to get H.R.1076 passed. “Laws like HIPAA are passed to protectpeople,” he said. “Sometimes they have unintendedconsequences. When this happens, Congress has an obligation to fixthe loopholes and that’s what this bill does.””Noone should be denied health coverage for no reason other than theyenjoy snowmobiles, motorcycles or other recreationalactivities,” said Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), the leadDemocrat sponsoring the bill. “This legislation would enforcethe original intent of Congress and ensure recreationalenthusiasts are not discriminated against.”Inthe last Congress, the U.S. Senate passed a companion bill byunanimous consent, but the bigger challenge has been gettinglegislation approved in the House.”Wenow have 101 co-sponsors for this legislation in the House, whichis an important milestone,” said Moreland. “But to reach218 votes and get H.R. 1076 passed, immediate grassroots action iscrucial, especially since House members are returning to theirdistricts soon to campaign for the fall election.”U.S.Representatives can quickly and easily be contacted by going tothe AMA Rapid Response Center at supporting this legislation include: AmericanCouncil of Snowmobile Association; American Horse Council;American Recreation Coalition; American Trails; Americans forResponsible Recreational Access; Blue Ribbon Coalition;International Mountain Bicycling Association; Motorcycle IndustryCouncil; Motorcycle Riders Foundation; National Ski AreasAssociation; Specialty Vehicle Industry Council; Sporting GoodsManufacturing Association; and the Washington Road RidersAssociation.TheAmerican Motorcyclist Association: rights. riding. racing.Founded in1924, the AMA is a non-profit organization with 290,000 members.The Association’s purpose is to pursue, protect and promote theinterests of motorcyclists, while serving the needs of itsmembers. For more information, visit the AMA website at you liked what Steel Horse News has to say pass it on Clickhereto email this to a Widgets[Custom Motorcycle ] [Motorcycle News] [Motorcycle Tours ] [Motorcycle RacingNews] [OffRoad Motorcycles] [ContactUs]Copyright© Steel Horse MotorcycleNews.  May 15, 2012.

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