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Custom Motorcycles – Custom Motorcycle- Custom Motorcycle News: steel-horse-news.comCustom Motorcycles and unique custom motorcycle news are what you will find when you read Steel Horse Motorcycle News.Custom motorcycles are evolving. People that ride a custom motorcycle want informative interesting motorcycle news.If you are one of the millions of men or women that ride a motorcycle we have what you need.We are the best place to find the most up to the minute motorcycle news and custom motorcycle articles. Our goal is to give you the most interesting custom motorcycle articles as well as the latest news about custom motorcycles. We strive to provide give our readers a unique and seldom seen side of the custom motorcycle industry as well as informative motorcycle news and information. Steel Horse News gives you everything custom motorcycle.If your looking for new chopper or if you are selling your used motorcycle, we have just the thing, check out our Motorcycle Classifieds.You can sell your new or used motorbike parts aswell. If you ride custom motorcycle or would like to find information about custom motorcycles you can find other riders on our custom motorcycle forum custom motorcycle rally page.New MotorcyclesCustom MotorcyclesUsed MotorcyclesCustom Motorcycle ClassifiedsMotorcycle Articles|Motorcycle Articles Page OneMotorcycle Articles Page Two|Motorcycle Articles Page ThreeHarleyDavidson Motorcycle News  |  Honda Motorcycle News| Yamaha Motorcycle NewsKawasaki Motorcycle News|  Suzuki Motorcycle News| Victory Motorcycle News” Soul Shaker “Thunderstruck custom bikes Inc. Artistry in Iron bikeMotorcycle NewsMotorcycle News In a Nut ShellI have always been fascinated with motorcycle and custom choppers. From an early age, I started a collection of revel chopper models. At age eleven I got my first mini bike, it was a mini chopper with a raked front end and a Briggs & Stratton 5 hp motor. I remember reading all of the motorcycle news from my dad’s subscription to easy rider magazine and being amazed at how grand and powerful the custom cruisers looked, and how each was so unique and colorful. I can also remember back in 1969, going to see easy rider three time in a row.You might say that I have a passion for the uniqueness and individuality that is custom motorcycles.However, I don’t have the mechanical abilities to build choppers and become one of the greats in the custom motorcycle world. So instead, I prefer to write and publish motorcycle news and articles about great custom motorcycle builders, guys like Jesse James, Indian Larry or Mark Daily.I hope you will enjoy reading Steel Horse News as much as I do bring it to you.As always if you have motorcycle news or articles please contact me personally atCustom Motorcycle News and Article DepartmentThank you and Ride Like You Stole It!Papamike69Estimatesfor 2000 suggest that 6% of all road casualties and 16% of road deathsoccurred when someone was driving whilst over the legal limit foralcohol. roadskill.comUnite Bikers AgainstDrugsReadabout Gary Linville and the Unite Bikers Against Drugs story”Motorcycle Boots for Women” is the leader in motorcycle accessories. We have all the motorcycle apparel a motorcycle woman could ever want. If you want motorcycle boots, we have them. If you want motorcycle gloves, no problem we have them too. So if you are looking for ladies motorcycle boots, women’s leather motorcycle jackets or motorcycle clothing. “Motorcycle Boots for Women has it all.At you will find quality articles on custom choppers and motorcycles, and how to build a chopper. Plus you’ll also get detailed information on custom chopper parts, motorcycle gear reviews, andmore.The Right LeatherChaps Do Make A DifferenceGetting up early for a long motorcycle ride isa wonderful thing, unless it is October 31 in New England. Theearly morning hours in Maine can be down right chilly. A personhas to be half crazy to drag them selves out of bed, gulp down aquick cup of coffee and head out on their motorcycle. Brrrrrrrr!It sounds worse then it really is. You will find you can besufficiently comfortable if you have the correct riding gear.The right gear for me consists of a Classic Leather motorcyclejacket, a braided buffalo leather vest worn over the jacket, anda set of genuine leather chaps, all from Fox Creek Leather.I used to think that riding gear was riding gear. It didn’tmatter much to me what the brand name was or what kind ofmaterial they used to make it, as long as it claimed to beleather that was good enough for me. Then one autumn day, whileI was riding with a friend, it started to get later in theafternoon and the temperature had dropped to around 40 degrees.Now 40 degrees may not sound all that cold to some but when youadd wind chill factor into it can get down right ridged.Too read restof :The Right LeatherChaps Do Make A DifferenceBY:PAPAMIKE69Custom Bike Builder With a HeartWhat do a bad boy custom bike builder and The Divas For A Cure have in common?Well as Jason Mccudden tells it, South Side Kustoms is a family owned and run business. Both my wife and myself are certified welders. I am a machinist/fabricator, with years of experience building motorcycles and hotrods. I started as a child with my father in the backyard. We specialize in everything from motor rebuilds/custom builds and base model motorcycles. I personally love the old school bobbers where as my wife loves the big shiny billet machines. So we can design/build any requirements. We are a dealer for just about every manufacturer there is as well as sell car/suv wheels and air suspension kits.We believe firmly in helping the community as a result we have come up with the Real Divas Ride For A Cure theme bobbers, that $1,500 from sale of each of these goes to Breast Cancer Research.Find out more about:Custom Bike Builder With a HeartDivas Ride For A CureBY:HONDAMOTORCYCLESThat’sRight, Its a Honda.2010 Honda Fury Development StoryThe process of designing anew motorcycle always encompasses a huge array of factors andconsiderations. A profusion of calculations, measurements,specifications and more must be weighed, analyzed, dissected andcrunched together to yield the proper result. However,one key factor that cannot be quantified in empirical terms alwayscomes into play:a passion for the machine. And at Honda, our designers andengineers carry a passion for motorcycles to the extreme. So when they get the green light to give full forceto such passions, some pretty wild things can happen.The Honda FuryRead the rest of the story:That’sRight, Its a WidgetsSteel HorseMotorcycle NewsThis just inCocaine and Marijuana and The Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club.Motorcycles and WomenBy PAPAMIKE96:Through out the history of the motorcycle there have been but a few women that dared to straddle the haunches of there own steel horse, until now.DIFFERENT BY DESIGNBy Cindy Quick Wilson:Ifyou have any preconceived notions about what inspires andmotivates a talented and hugely successful custom motorcyclebuilder, you would probably be wrong when it comes to Cyril Huze.You might assume artistic vision to be a necessary element, but asfor being philosophical—not so much.The Metric System BMS Chopper StyleBy: PAPAMIKE69In the world of custom motorcycles, good old American standard has more then enough builders to keep even the most patriotic reveler riding in glory. However, there is another dog in the yard nipping at the heels of the all-American chopper; that dog is called Metric.Mark Daley ofThunder Struck Custom BikesBy Cindy Quick WilsonMost of us motorcycle enthusiasts, at one time or another, have thoughts—OK, some of us have serious dreams about building our own custom bike from scratch.With programs like American Chopper and Biker Build-off bringingthis process right into our living rooms to further fuel thishunger, those of us inflicted with this dream wonder just what itwould feel like to mold that metal or form that tank or modifythat frame.WickedWomen Choppers papamike69How a small town Alaskan woman is making her mark in the worldof custom motorcycles.At age ten Christine Vaughan became interested in motorcycling. Her first bikewas a Suzuki RM100 and within a couple of hours, she tried standing up on theseat. Thinking that her lack of fear would serve her better in an organizedenvironment, her Father signed her up for Racing. Christine  eventuallymoved up to quad racing, and then she became interested in street bikes.ResourcesThatSteelHorseMotorcycleNewsReadersMightLikeEveryone is looking for the perfect used motorcycle for sale. Its spring and Cruisers Motorcycle Sales is gearing up to give you the finest selection of used motorcycles and motorcycle parts.Women’s Motorcycle ApparelThe very best quality women’s motorcycle apparel.Thanks for reading, we update our motorcycle news on a regular basis. Come back often.MichaelWalrathSocial BookmarkingCopyright© Steel Horse MotorcycleNews.  May 15, 2012|ContactUs|Women Riders

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