A motorcycle 0-to-60

A motorcycle 0-to-600 to 60 in 4.5SecondsBy Lance WinslowSpeeding is illegal, yet we sell racing motorcycles andcars which are so powerful and look so intimidating that a police mancould write the owner a ticket even if it were parked. Take today’scrotch rocket, nearly all of these motorcycles can barely get out ofsecond or third gear going sixty miles per hour.We complain when our teenagers drive these bikes like theyare meant to be driven. Silly of us to think that anyone is going to drivethese bikes and never speed?Any one who has ever gotten on a race bike and felt the acceleration knowsthat such temptation is just to great. Once you give it some throttle youwant to take it thru the gears. Yet, if you do choose to take it thru allthe gears and redline the sixth or last gear you find yourself often over135 miles per hour even on a 600 CC race bike. On the 750’s and 1000plus CC race bikes you are well over 160 miles per hour at redline.Those of us who dare know that you must really payattention when you are going at such speeds while sitting out in the open,namely you need to hang on.Why do we sell these motorcycles to teenagers if we know that there is nopossible way and no current teenager alive who owns one who has not spedon it? It is safe to say that such a statement is correct.Perhaps we ought to have speed limits within reason; forinstance if you have taken a super bike class and have shown you canhandle the raw power and speed; then you should be allowed to open it upall the way when no one else is around to get hurt. Montana use to havesuch a law on their roads, unlimited speed limit as long as you were notendangering others, this seems to be a good rule.Germany has the autobahn, yet we aredenied the pursuit of happiness because some lawmaker who has no balls isafraid we might get hurt and it might go into the newspaper and make a fewweak voters sob? No one has the right to deny those capable and willing topush the envelope a little our pursuit of happiness as such rules are incomplete contrary to what it means to live in a free country.Just because there are Jerry Springer guest stars out there still wearingtheir free T-shirts for being on the show and a few Jeff Foxworthy“here’s your signâ€ recipients is no reason to make laws to protectthe weakest link of humanity from their destiny and happiness. The needfor speed is an innate characteristic of mankind and there is absolutelynothing wrong with that. For those who cannot perform, they can win theDarwin Award, but we should not make laws to protect the stupidest humanand deny the crème of the crop their destiny. Think about it.If you liked what Steel Horse News has to say pass it on Clickhere to email this to a friend.Amazon.com WidgetsCopyright© Steel Horse MotorcycleNews.  May 15, 2012.

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