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Adds a third styling option to the Vulcan 900 family

It’s been said that the joy of motorcycling is as much in the eye of the rider as it is in the thrill of the ride. That is especially so when appealing to the cruising rider who seeks the perfect blend of comfort, big bike feel, and customized appearance. With the debut of the new Kawasaki Vulcan® 900 Custom, those riders looking for eye candy to match a unique, go-anywhere mount are in for a real treat.

The Vulcan 900 Custom joins the mid-size cruiser family—which already includes the 900 Classic and 900 Classic LT—as the crown jewel in Kawasaki’s triumvirate of open road fun, power, and attention-getting looks.

Boasting exceptional roll-on acceleration that matches the get-up-and-go of much larger motorcycles, the Vulcan 900 Custom was designed to offer a uniqueness that separates it from the crowd. With its massive rear tire, sculpted bodywork, and light-looking front end highlighted by a thin 21-inch cast wheel, this motorcycle will make its owners proud, whether tooling down the highway or simply parked at one of the many motorcycling hangouts throughout the country.

Kawasaki’s engineers and designers concentrated on delivering a motorcycle that provides customized appearances usually reserved for more expensive two-wheel offerings. The perfect blending of the low, wide rear, featuring a 15-inch cast wheel and 180mm tire, with the less weighty trimmed-down look of the front, will give the rider the feeling of sitting on a motorcycle made for him (or her) alone. Crafted to highlight its elegance as much as its gutsy, fuel-injected V-Twin power, the Vulcan 900 Custom is sure to broaden the appeal of this family of Kawasaki cruisers.

Employing its own version of design minimalism, Kawasaki has produced a cruiser that is just enough of everything that is right. Even the visual contrast of the front and rear wheels is heightened by the simplicity and subtlety of the fuel tank. Its carefully molded and delicately curved shape brings a visual connection that literally ties together the highly customized approach of the Vulcan 900 Custom.

Perhaps one of the most striking examples of Kawasaki’s determination to provide the cruising rider with a distinctive look matching this motorcycle’s “custom” designation are the “spokes” of its large diameter front wheel. Arranged in pairs, they were hand-designed for a special visual appeal. And, while 21-inch cast wheels are somewhat rare in the custom-building world, they will be found on every Vulcan 900 Custom cruiser delivered from Kawasaki showrooms. 

This chrome-laden cruiser is more than just good looking. Like its other 903cc family members, the 900 Custom’s big-bike feel is generated by a powerplant that pulls cleanly around town and out-accelerates anything else in its class out on the highways, where torque rules the road.

Whether moving at highway speeds towards a weekend getaway, or tooling through local streets on the way to work, the Vulcan 900 Custom’s light, sporty handling will keep it at the front of the pack in the eyes of knowledgeable motorcyclists. Excellent stability, good power, easy maneuverability, and startling attractiveness make this new Kawasaki one to own.

Available in three color selections—Candy Plasma Blue, Candy Fire Red, and Ebony—the 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom offers stylish aesthetics in a platform that’s perfect for customization with Kawasaki accessories.