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FLSTC Heritage Softail® Classic             FLSTCAE Heritage Softail® Classic

FLSTC Heritage Softail® Classic Model Overview
The Heritage Softail Classic offers long-range touring comfort and nostalgic, dresser style with big FL front end, chrome passing lamps, studded leather saddle bags and a full windshield. A smooth ride and comfortable position carry the Heritage Softail rider far beyond the horizon. The passenger seat and the windshield can be quickly detached for laid-back cruising.

FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic features:

* Rigid-mount, 1584cc Twin Cam 96B balanced engine
* 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission
* Black powder-coated engine with chrome covers
* Chrome Staggered Shorty Dual exhaust
* Chrome oil tank
* 150 mm-16 rear / MT90-16 front tire
* Chrome Laced Steel wheels with blackwall tires
* FL rear fender
* Two-piece, two-up seat with detachable passenger pillion and backrest
* Touring handlebar
* Five-gallon Fat Bob tank
* Clear-lens reflector-optics chrome passing lamps
* Chrome plated directional light bar
* Detachable King-Size Lexan windshield
* Leather saddlebags with quick-detach buckles
* Full-length floorboards with heel/toe shift lever
* 32-degree FL front forks with full FL fender and chrome accents
* Chrome hub cover
* Optional Chrome Aluminum Profile Laced wheels
* Optional Smart Security System


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