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FLSTF Fat Boy®

FLSTF Fat Boy® Model Overview
One of the most recognizable motorcycles on the road, the FLSTF Fat Boy defines Harley-Davidson for many people. Still going strong after 18 years and as massive as it is iconic, the Fat Boy rolls on a 200 mm rear tire and chopped FL rear fender. Laced leather and bullet studs trim the two-up seat and tank strap. A big 17-inch front wheel and bright chrome fork nacelle lead the way. Bullet Hole Disc Aluminum wheels identify this Softail as the one and only Fat Boy.

FLSTF Fat Boy features:

* Rigid-mount, 1584cc Twin Cam 96B balanced engine
* 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission
* Black powder-coated engine with chrome covers
* Chrome Over/Under Shotgun exhaust
* Chrome oil tank
* 200 mm-17 rear / 140 mm-17 front tire
* Silver Bullet Hole Disc Cast Aluminum 17-inch wheels
* Chopped FL rear fender
* Two-up seat with bullet laced valence
* 1.25-inch internally wired handlebar with Bare Knuckle risers
* Five-gallon Fat Bob fuel tank with laced bullet strap
* Chrome front fork nacelle
* Full-length floorboards with heel/toe shift lever
* 32-degree FL front forks and custom front fender
* Large chrome headlight
* Optional Smart Security System


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